How To Get Back On the Horse

The reason you are supposed to get back on the horse straight after you fall off is because, over time, the memory of the fall becomes a looming fear that over rides everything. The battle is mental. I have never rode a horse and on my list of things to do it ranks somewhere along with sleeping with Sarah Jessica Parker…so below contracting ebola.

If you’ve turned your life around before then you can do it again. And each time you do it, it becomes easier. Just like in martial arts when you’re taught how to break fall, in life you have to learn how to deal with failure.

What keeps a lot of people down, I am convinced, is burn out. The build up of unrelieved stress gets to them. Adrenal failure or whatever. Soldiers go on R and R and so should so. Whether it is spending a month living like a king SE Asia, chucking a mini Howard Hughes and locking yourself away to watch movie or movie or a tv show marathon, or retreating to sleep on your parents couch…you need to de-stress.

Then you need some inspiration. For some its the words of great men recorded by posterity, for others its meeting with inspiring people, for yet others its fictional characters…Stories hold a great sway of the human psyche. A few days ago I had no motivation and I was wasting my life watching crappy tv. And then I watched fight club and I felt some fire.

Two mornings later I did my usual reading of the manosphere and posts and my muse was back. Inspiration. Posts I wanted to write. Stories and novels to be done.

You have to find a starting point. For me that starting point has always been physical. When I had no motivation to do anything I forced myself to do one thing…to work out. I went to the gym and I regained muscle I had lost.

The whole Cartesian mind body dualism is bullshit. Your mind is not some separate entity. It is inside you and is affected by your physical health. Working out makes you feel better, makes you motivated. The better you feel physically, the better you feel mentally. There is more. The more muscle you put on the more positive attention you get from women without even opening your mouth.

Men and women are today at war. A war created to destroy both of them. Men need women and women need men. This coincidently, is another step of getting back on the horse. I haven’t approached a woman in too long. My social skills and my game have atrophied. Luckily, they have muscle memory of their own.

Striking up conversations with randoms on the street, saying hi to girls to get my social skills running again. And then time to ask out a hundred women as quick as possible.

My habits and self discipline have fallen by the wayside. I began have cold showers recently. Going to the gym was the start of my discipline and this is the second part.

Cleaning up my diet follows. This is another benefit of working out – you want to ditch the crap foods and eat better. No more take away, cut back on sugar in all its forms, return to a more paleo basis. Reduce alcohol, eliminate dairy and, eventually, ditch coffee.

I need to make new friends, find some hobbies and get a job. MORE

We are in the second great depression and its becoming worse than the first. I am looking for the same jobs I was when I was 18…and there are less of them and more competition. The national productivity is down while immigration is up. Dish washing, ditch digging and data entry are harder to get than ever before.

Prostitution is on the rise. Sugar daddies, stripping and porn are all forms of prostitution. The increase in young women selling sex is a sign of economic collapse. Even so I will prosper. I will find work and in my free time I will again work on building my side businesses.

I have new interests. I have things I want to learn.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

And I recently lost big. That’s life. I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it. I took a risk. I focused solely on this new chance at the expense of everything else….and I lost. I was screwed over. I lost a lot of money and a lot of time. I lost friendships. I hit bottom.

I did learn some things. I learned what not to do. I learned not to trust certain people. I learned that you can always come back…even if you don’t bounce.

It took me some time to get over my mistakes. I am back. The other morning my muse found me. I left a blistering comment on Roissy’s blog because some so-called man being a little bitch. That comment will be a post down the road.

Firstly I have other posts to write. My next post will be on getting back on the horse.

Time Flies

Its just over my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I created this blog with the intention of keeping myself consistent with my writing. It didn’t happen. This is the first time I’ve logged on in over a month. I haven’t posted for months. I outgrew this blog ages ago. I also outgrew my main project, which was a semi autobiographical novel about the malaise of modern manhood (read the prologue here).

I wanted to see whether I could finally stick to something and finish it. A year later and my perspective has changed. The Autobuiography of a Modern Male was torturous to write and it served more as a conduit to get some unresolved issues onto paper then as an aspiring literary masterpiece. I am procrastinating about finishing it and this is effecting everything else I want to do. I have almost an entire novel sitting around doing nothing and I cannot bing myself to scrap it even though I cannot bring myself to finish it.

Instead I plan to edit it (a bit) and put it up here for free. I ask that you pay me what you feel it is worth and spread it as much as you can. It is raw, it is passionate, it is based in truth (in places word for word as best I can recall). I should have it up by next week.

If The Autobiography of a Modern Male meets with enough interest and positive feedback I will finish it properly and stick it on Amazon for $2.99.

I don’t intend to update this blog regularly (or at all). This blog, like many others who have come and gone within the manosphere, is but a reflection where the writer is really talking to himself. This blog was really the penultimate conglomerate of a world view shaped slowly over the course of four years as I adapted to red pill reality. I have now reached the point where I no longer need to convince myself and thus find I have no passion to drive my on. I could do as many other blogs do and make periodic and mundane posts just to sustain a readership but I find the thought of pursuing such mediocrity more than I can handle.

Zimmerman: It ain’t over yet

This fiasco is the gift that keeps on giving. George has been found not guilty and the American Press and people have moved on. The MSM is steadfastedly ignoring the racist motivations behind the murder of Australian Christopher Lane* and is now in full damage control mode and trying to spin the complete opposite narrative as they did in the Zimmerman case. Very few are aware that the tyrannical crusade against the Zimmermans is not over.

Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George, has been charged with perjury and is awaiting trial. Not content with blatant prosecutorial over reach to the point she made herself look like a Clown, Corey is determined to prove that the justice system is a farce.

It seems Shellie Zimmerman was charged for the purposes of cowering George into an admission of guilt. Over charging has long been an intimidation tactic of prosecutors and now it seems they go after your kin as well. How long until they skip charging them and simply declare that unless you plead guilty they’ll ‘disappear’ USSR style.

The prudent, and face saving tactic, would be for Corey et al to drop the charges and stop digging. Instead they seemed determined to have their own grave collapse on top of them. Since they can’t nail George for a trumped up crime they might as well get his wife for a trumped up crime.

Her crime, per the affidavit:

– Not knowing the exact amount in the online defence fund that was not set up by her and not managed by her.

– Having the gall to suggest that they call her brother in law and ask.


I urge all the manosphere (or the whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-us-sphere) to keep an eye on this trial as it unfolds. Legal Insurrection,** a website run by Libertarian leaning lawyers, is following this trial. They provide legal analysis and transcripts. The only way the thugs who inhabit public office get away with this is by our own ignorance. I urge you all to let people know that Corey and the prosecutor’s office are seeking revenge against Shellie Zimmerman because her husband had the audacity to his WHAT right to a free trial and be found not guilty; to have justice done instead of the will of the powerful.

Any of us could be next.***

Legal Insurrection

Shelly Zimmerman post 3

Shelly Zimmerman post 2

Shelly Zimmerman post 1


* Whereas in Australia I had the shock to open the yellowest paper in the Southern Hemisphere and find a massive two page spread talking about the possible racist motivations of the murder, accurate pictures of all of all suspects, one of whom could definitely be the son of White African American Barack Obama (the other two are blacker) and general indignation.

** They had videos of the Zimmerman trial, live twitter updates and play by play legal analyses. They were the best source for an accurate coverage of the trial that I found.

*** Even though I am not in the US and have been overseas for almost a year I have no illusions as to my safety. Julian Assange was not even an American citizen and he is still the most wanted man in the world by the US government (who cannot establish credible charges against him).



P.S. I am convinced that rogue Rhodes Scholar Rachel Jeantel committed perjury. I believe she was not the person on the end of the phone. Likely it was some other girl (maybe her sister) who didn’t want to come forward; I would go as far as to suggest she was underage and either Travyon had banged her or wanted to. She may have been the girl whose naked photo’s Travyon had on his phone. A seventeen year old fucking a fifteen year old is not wrong in my books though it is a crime per Florida’s books and would have made Saint Travyon look bad.

Who are you, really?

We like to imagine ourselves as the hero in our little narrative. We view ourselves differently than the world views us. Every gamma/omega secretly believes he is a lone wolf, a rugged individualist outcast. I believed that was who I was. The world viewed me differently. To the world I was nothing more than a shy loser, unnoticed and unnoticeable. I was reminded of this recently when I was contacted by a man who fills the shoes I once did.

The host of Rise Of the Omega, a new blog with potential, sent me an email (and I figured what better excuse to get back to posting) thanking me for introducing him to the manosphere.* In his initial post he says:

“That was me. I wanted to deny it but that was me. After I had read TGR White’s entire archive I followed the links from his blog to the rest of the mansophere. It was terrible. A harsh wake up call. I had always believed myself the cool loner but in reality I was the loser.”

which echoed my own sentiments upon finding pick up years ago (and here I quote the prologue to my still upcoming masterpiece:

‘It hurt. For the first time I had to look at myself honestly and it hurt. I did not realize what a loser I was.’

Finding out you are not who you think you are is harsh. It destroys you. Your entire life is formulated on the foundation of how you view yourself. You are faced with a choice: either you accept the reality that your identity is false and thus destroy the foundation of your life or else you double down and dig yourself deeper, burying yourself under layers of delusion and shrinking your world to those who reaffirm your belief in your view of yourself.

The longer you fail to confront the reality that the world views you different than you view yourself the further down the path of inevitability you are. I am not suggesting that changing is impossible but that the more of you life you build upon the false view of yourself the harder it is to accept reality, and the ensuing destruction of your world, and the more likely you are to double down. Each step you take down the wrong path in life makes it that much harder to correct.

Imagine your life as an ever widening path. The far left of the path represents where you are, no matter how you view yourself. The far right of the path is who you could be (and is often similar to how you view yourself). Each step further down the left makes the right side of the path further away. With each step you take it becomes that much less likely you will correct your trajectory.

And before I wander anymore from the point of this post: Does the world see you as you see yourself? Be honest?

What can you do to improve how the world sees you, to make you truly into the person you think you, the person you could be?

Who are you really?

*. Apparently another of my posts made reddit sometime in my absence.**

** I have been fulfilling the requirements to obtain a second year visa. I am planning on resuming posting regularly now that I am back in Civilization. I also plan to do a post on how America appears from the outside.

A few Thoughts From Around the Manosphere

A few Random Thoughts from The Manosphere and Beyond.

1. Low carb flu is likely Candida die off. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it.


 2. Neanderthal will be the new aspergers. Everyone who doesn’t fit in and thinks themselves special will claim to have Neanderthal genes.


3. The Manosphere is the new Rennaissance. Expect to see a resurgence in studying the classics. GB4M is a prophet of the manosphere. The Rennaissance began in what we call the Dark Ages with the discovery of the classic Greek texts. The rediscovery (or rather re-infatuation with) the Great texts of Western civilization will lead to a resurgence of great thought. It has already began. 


 4.A comment from Donal Graeme’s blog reminded me of this comment from Pook:

 “If only there was a third gender to referee! Perhaps that what the elderly did, as they became more androgynous, with their courtships, rituals and bundling.” (The Book of Pook, p.253)

I am of the opinion that the ideal marriage between a man and woman is one where the man is at least ten years older. This way both parties hit their SMV peak concurrently. I believe that old widowed women used to play the role of the third sex as referee. Their role being to support mothers and keep the men from being balls out stupid (because what man isn’t nice to their grandmother). I have it on passing authority that Australian Aborigines show great respect for grandmothers and I’m sure there is other evidence to be found for those who care to look. I don’t.


5. Following from the above young men were probably supposed to fool around with older widows until they came of marriageable age. This gives them plenty of time to get some experience dealing with women and allows for young women to be virgins at the time of marriage. Women value a man with experience (feminist harpies jealous bitching aside) and men value virgins. It seems like a fitting match.







Gloabl Warming is False? NOOOO….

Note: Chapter 1 of the Autobiography of a Modern Male will be up in a few days.

No global warming after all (hat tip: Vox). A pity since I, for one, was looking forward to global warming. More temperate winters in most places, more of the arctic circle uncovered, maybe even some of the land under Antarctica once more uncovered.Less shitty weather, more mild days reminiscent of late autumn/eatrly spring…what was not to love?

What would have been the downside of Global Warming? Thew loss of a few pacific islands? More than made up by the increase of habitable land in the Arctic circle. The deserts spreading? Most deserts are shit holes – Africa, the Middle East, Mexico, SoCal – so no major loss there. The middle of Australia becoming an ocean? Who gives a shit its nearly all uninhabitable desert.

All in all I was really looking forward to global warming.

Instead we are more likely to have global cooling. Global cooling will suck. Less warm sunny days, less women walking around barely dressed, more time lost shovelling driveways clear, more Canadians fleeing into America.

What is with the hysteria of cooling (it was big in the 70s) then warming?

The simple fact is people think the world never changes.

The truth is the world is always changing. People just can’t see beyond their own short lives and for them today is the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be the same, so on until they die. It was only in the 1970s that scientists realized the world was changing and this, a priori, had to be a bad thing.

The climate was changing because people are bad. They had pissed off nature through their actions. Two thousand years ago people believed Volcanoes were angry gods who were pissed at the people. Just as the ancients appeased the volcano gods we moderns appease the climate change gods.

Yet the world see saws between cold periods and hot periods. The last ice age peaked 20,000 years ago and officially ended 10,000 years ago. What causes ice ages? Volcanoic activity? Solar activity? human activity? manbearpig? cow farts? the influence of distant stars as the solar system travels through the galactic plane on its 200 million year trip around the centre of the milk way?

I don’t know. All I know is the world changes. It always has and it probably always will (unless mankind works out how to completely geo engineer the world or the Universe dies of steady state).

Most people are grasshoppers and the fear of the status quo changing terrifies them. Humans may be great at adapting (supposedly our evolutionary advantage) but most are poor at thinking ahead and forward planning. The few who do plan ahead for a coming ice age with their well stocked bunkers are labelled nuts.

My best guess, by the way, is that we will have a period of cooling preceded by a cataclysmic event (volcanic eruption, solar flare, magnetic pole reversal etc) – all of which has happened more than once in the past.

Conspiracy Note: A post like this wouldn’t be complete without the requisite conspiracy theory (since by mentioning anything other than AGW I am a crack pot)  – Global cooling was the big threat in the 70s but why did everyone start freaking out over AGW? Maybe the elites wanted the sheeple to die en masse (what better way to achieve the UN mandated 500,000,000 global population) so they encouraged AGW hysteria will building themselves bunkers and storing supplies for coming ice age…

Don’t forget to check back in a few days to read Chapter 1 of the Autobiography of a Modern Male.

Prologue: The Loser I was

The Autobiography of a Modern Male

By TGR White

I slumped back in my computer chair, dick in my hand as the legacy of another night of porn dripped down my bare leg. The blessedness of orgasm passes away and all that remains is the hollowness within my chest. A longing for human contact…wanting to curl up next to a woman, to hold her in my arms.

Through the thin wall I could hear the ecstatic moans as the girl of my dreams is fucked by another man. His grunts mingled with her heated cries of passion.

I was 21 and I had never had sex, never kissed a girl, never so much as held hands. In the animal kingdom I was the loser of the pack; the outcast; doomed to die alone.

I cleaned myself up; a nightly ritual. Shame and disgust shoved away the emptiness in my chest as I looked at the last movie clip still playing on my screen, searing its way into my subconscious. A middle aged woman, comely but not attractive, her face twisted in agony as her ass was mercilessly flogged by a fat dominatrix.

Next door my love screamed in orgasm as her latest bad boy pounded away. It should have been me in there. How did it come to this?

My obsession, nay addiction, with porn began in high school. When I was fourteen my parents bought our family’s first computer. My parents were not very computer literate and I had no trouble getting around their net filter. It began with photos of hot, naked women back when kilobytes were a big deal. By the time I was sixteen I had stumbled onto bondage photos. It was edgier, novel, degrading; alluring.

Every spare moment I had without anyone else in the house I would be on the computer, dick in hand, straining for sounds of a vehicle coming up the drive. My grades did not suffer but my social life did. I did not bother trying to chase girls with the zeal of my classmates. While other guys were losing their virginity I was beating off the kinky and the twisted. While others thought about prom I thought about tit torture. I had never been a social person and I became a complete loner and loser.

In college I rented the room of a house and spent my time alone, jerking it to porn. By now I was onto movies.

The worst of it was that I thought this made me part of the bondage community. I thought I knew the bondage models; thought that I belonged. I was not some vanilla; I was part of the scene. I was hardcore.

Porn does not kiss you, cuddle you or whisper secrets in your ear; porn doesn’t make you feel human; not yet anyway…

That is how, at the age of nineteen, I found myself a porn addicted anti social asexual loser. As far as life went, I sucked at it.

At the time I thought I loved her. In truth it was a childish infatuation. Her name was Sophie. She was nothing but the woman whom I elevated to the place of goddess and upon whom I placed all my desires, insecurities and neurotic hang ups. I believed that through her I could find Salvation; escape myself. How typical is that of the modern male? So uneasy within himself that he desires to lose himself in a woman? The first time I saw her I thought she was beautiful because she looked so sad, so broken, so in need of saving.

Sophie came into my life just when the agony of porn induced loneliness was making me think of changing my life. She was naturally vibrant and gregarious; as stark contrast to me. I decided she was the One. The special girl I would lose my virginity. I had no idea how to approach a girl, how to ask her out. A million ridiculous, pathetic and absolutely cringe-worthy ideas ran through my head. I still believed that magic just spontaneously happens, that somehow our first kiss would be accompanied by fireworks to a background Disney track.

I was a twenty year old guy and I still believed in fairytales.

Instead of making a move I hesitated. If I ever had any chance I wasted it away due to my fear. Fear of being rejected, of being laughed at. If I was not already there I crashed head first into the friend zone. She needed a new housemate and I jumped at the idea. I imagined domestic bliss and sex.

 There was not domestic bliss. There was sex. The first weekend after I moved in she bought some big guy back from the club. He could probably not spell his own name. It didn’t matter. He got to fuck her, to taste the sweat on her breast, to stare into her eyes at the moment of climax; I jacked off in my room. I was nearly twenty one.

There was no great moment of inspiration, no heart warming music, no great speeches or defining event; this is real life and life changing moments are seldom recognized at the time. Often they are only recognizable so far in the future that when you look back your memory is clouded. It was one too many nights of loneliness. Maybe my loneliness finally outweighed my fears. Maybe I was sick of hearing some other guy fucking the woman who should have been mine.

 All I can remember is that my life changed the night I found the pick up forum. Losers like me who discussed the best ways to get laid; who practised and practised until they found themselves swimming in a sea of pussy.

It hurt. For the first time I had to look at myself honestly and it hurt. I did not realize what a loser I was. I honestly don’t remember how I found the forum; all I know is that once I found it I couldn’t stop reading. The same stories over and over again from the same sort of guys. My story over and over again.

I was a loser in high school…I’ve never had sex…never had girlfriend….how do I get her to fall in love with me…want sex…want a girlfriend…scared to talk to girls…

And the advice came. I saved pages of tales, tips and tricks from aspiring and novice pick up artists. Make eye contact. Be cocky and funny. Neg to lower her Bitch Shield. Don’t be like every other Average Frustrated Chump. Use a canned opener to begin with. If you can, use a situational opener. Comment on something about her. Agree and Amplify. Get her in a sexual state. Mirror Her Body Language. Improve yourself. Workout. Dress Better. Get a Haircut. Walk like you have a pair.

The sun was rising when I finally stopped reading. I didn’t want to change who I was. I liked who I was. The hollow feeling in my chest said otherwise. Tomorrow I would begin. Tomorrow I begin my journey to becoming an alpha male pick up artist.

“The Autobiography of a Modern Male” copyright (c) 2013 by TGR White. All rights reserved. No part of this may be reproduced for any commercial use without prior written approval from the author.

The Future is Here

I called it! In a comment here at Vox Popoli I claimed that it may be possible would be used to print guns. Yesterday Bill posted a video showing that it has already happened. When I made that comment on VP I didn’t expect to see 3D printed guns for at least a few years. The world is changing so fast that what seems like science fiction is increasingly becoming mundane.

The full implications of 3D printing have yet to be realized. This is a disruptive technology on par with the original printing press, fire, guns and the factory. Printing guns is only the start. Whilst current 3D printing technology may be beyond the capacity for understanding for most people (myself included) what we have today will be, from a historical perspective, the equivalent of the first revolver.

3D printing will change life and economics permanently. With the ability to manufacture crap much easier (and eventually cheaper) than some third world slave it will undermine many countries whose economy is based on manufacturing cheap shit for America’s uncontrollable consumption. Nothing says that China does not already have an army of 3D printers flooding the market with cheap crap (or building firearms already). The Chinese may not be great innovators but they are second to none at reverse engineering

The idea and mindset behind 3D printing will cause us to look at others way of approaching problems at an everyday level. Imagine a 3D printer for cooking. Add all the ingredients and the thing spits out a cake or a meal. All you have to do is keep the various dispensers topped up. Hell, some innovative basement dwelling Japanese herbivore is probably building a 3D printer capable of manufacturing sex bots.

Whilst you think sexbots the government will probably be thinking more along the lines of this:

As with any game changing technology it promises freedom. Freedom frightens totalitarians. Expect governments to try to control the distribution of 3D printing (will fail) and then they will force manufacturers to start installing reporting technology in all printers they sell, so the gov can see what you are printing. At the other end the government will be monitoring everything that is downloaded and printed off. Since all your internet history is already recorded its unavoidable.

The next great battle for freedom will be evading the eyes of and tendrils of big brother. Hackers who can get around the printer limitations and monitoring will be the freedom fighters of the future. By the way, government infiltrates hacker groups, so be leery of who you ask for advice. Anonymous is run by government shills, hence its toothlessness.

The other ramification will be the change in jobs. With less need for manufacturing more people will be forced into the service sector. With less laboring positions we should have less need for illegals. Hank who used to work in manufacturing can now mow lawns and Jose isn’t really needed but don’t expect anyone in government to point that out soon.

Obvious displays of wealth will be less used since wealth will be cheaper and more easily obtained. Instead, expect people to focus on showing off their status through thrill seeking, gathering experiences, travelling, and consuming non renewable resources such as food, alcohol etc.

Non renewable resources and raw materials will see a huge boost in their relative value, at least at first. Eventually recycling used materials for 3D printing will be a huge industry. In the distant future (which, given the unforeseeable advance of technology means it could actually be very soon) 3D printers may themselves be able to break down components and recycle them into new things. To us that sounds like science fiction but then again how many years ago would 3D printing itself have seemed like distant science fiction.

To continue on the theme of fiction, Vox once made a comment that modern sci-fi writers suck because they cannot understand modern technology. A prescient comment and one that will become increasingly obvious as technology continues to become more and more intricate and closer to magic from the perspective of the layman. True Science fiction will slowly die, given way to fantasy set in space (assuming it is not already dead).

Finally to throw in some “emotional pornography”, aka conspiracy theories, aka speculation: The government knew that 3D printing would soon give way to manufacturing firearms so DHS bought up all that ammo to make those guns useless since 3D printers can’t do ammo, yet.

And wait until 3D printers can print 3D printers…


Always back up your files! Recently my laptop was stolen. I was of the mind that I could always back up my files tomorrow. Tomorrow turned into three months and a lot of lost work. It always helps to remember that what matters most is how hard of a hit you can take and still go on.

This was a big hit. Thankfully not all my work was lost. 

I would like to claim that this is a disaster that rivals Hemmingway’s lost suitcase of manuscripts and that the great, defining novel of the early twenty first century, the Age of Hedonism, was lost but I think that is over reaching. 

I have the spent the past few months working on several novels (and letting the blog languish by the wayside) and some of these were partly lost. 

One of the novels I was working on was to be the journey of a modern male from the an omega loser through to an alpha. It was to be in part my story, but also the story of many others; the story of modern manhood.

Most of the first draft of this novel still remains in printed form peppered with corrections and coffee stains. It is, thankfully, short because I hate retyping something. Typing up the second draft was a slow hell. 

Frankly, I was bored of the project anyway. It sprang out of this post and I kept with it for the sake of finishing what I started. Now I have no intention of spending my time retyping upwards of sixty thousand words when I have other projects I want to work on. 

Instead I am going to put the novel up here, for free, chapter by torturous chapter. Between now and next week I will put up the prologue. I should put up a chapter a week without it getting in the way of my other projects. 

I put this up here with three requests of decreasing importance:

1. Feel free to spread the prologue and first chapter far and wide across the web . The more I am read the better. Being read matters more to me than anything else. You must provide a link back to the original piece and acknowldgment of my authorship.

2. Give me honest feedback. Be cruel or be kind but above all be honest.

3. Pay me what you think it is worth, if you think it is worth anything.
If you cannot afford to do that then pay me what you can. Hopes and dreams don’t pay the bills. If I make even a dollar off this I will consider it a success.