Fiddling Away

We are the new Barbarians! Rome fell apart from its own sloth, inertia, greed and comfort. The creative, driven, resourceful, nomadic outsiders moved in and conquered the remains of the greatest empire that had ever existed.

Now the greatest empire that has ever existed, the United States and the West, a worldwide empire controlled through ones and zeroes on a financial computer rather than by garrisoned armies (though the US does have plenty of those) is falling apart. Sloth, inertia, greed and comfort are destroying the modern Rome.

And the new barbarians are us! The intelligent, resourceful, creative men who chase fortunes across the world and build our own personal empire, traditional boundaries mere nuisances in our way, bonds of brotherhood forged through mutual understanding and awareness amongst us and mutual misunderstanding with the rest of the blue pill society.

We are knocking at the gates. As the Empire collapses we shall rise bring in a new age, an unseen age.

Meanwhile, enjoy the decline, grow, game, prosper, live, love, struggle, aim high,  and remain free. The future is ours.

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