Like a fine wine

Men mature slower than girls – emotionally, physically and intellectually. Highly intelligent kids (mostly boys) can feel that they are more mature than kids their own age when the fact is they are falling behind in terms of maturity. The intelligent, but immature, kid fails to grasp how kids who his own age can be so dumb. The more complicated a person’s brain and the greater the potential it has, the longer it takes to it to develop.* The highly intelligent kid thus rationalises his failure to fit in.

The second important point to understand is how unnatural our artificial cookie cutter tiered schooling structure is. Kids arbitrarily forced into groups with others, nothing in common amongst them aside from the fact that there birthdays fall in the same year.

Left to their own devices kids will form friendships based on similarities, hence those who mature slower may have younger friends, feeling more at home with them. Others run with older crowds. This division would carry on into adulthood, with some hitting the end of their growth, physically, emotionally and intellectually years earlier than others.

Now it should become clear why the older man, younger girl relationships are so common, despite the bleating of feminists and whiny manginas, both jealous and insecure at their core, instinctually aware of their own unnatural and repulsiveness.

More to come…


* There are exceptions of course…

3 thoughts on “Like a fine wine

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