Till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old

Marriage will die and thrive at the same time. Now cock gobblers have jammed a wedge into marriage it is open for every man and his dog to marry, well, every man, his dog, his six year old kid and the Walmart down the street. Give it time. History has proved the point again and again that humans are horny mongrels with weird fetishes and given the chance they will go Caligula with anything and everything that they get their sexual organs near.

The lifelong union of one and one woman will survive though. Marriage is not words on paper, gaudy weddings, or whatever our big nanny government declares it to be. Marriage is a commitment to raise the next generation of hellspawn; two people becoming one felsh; a united front to the world – which will endure all feminist means to stop it.

Marriage will remain as one man, one woman (likely around ten years younger), both sexually crazy about each other and who both view kids as the most important thing (not job, not status, not experiences, not whatever purpose of life the tabloids proclaim this week) and who will do whatever it takes for their family.

This trend will include more homeschooling and mothers spending less time in the workforce. This is the way it was 150 years ago. Men will attain wealth and experience, hitting their peak attractiveness in their thirties (a line of aging, disappointed feminists and sluts behind them) and women will be in their prime fertility and bonding years, both men and women of equivalent maturity who will present a united front to the world, piss feminists and manginas up the wall, and leave a functional legacy behind them.

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