The Essence of Game

The essence of game can be distilled into two principles.

1. Do not be afraid of your sexuality. Men today are raised to be non threatening, bland, pseudo women. Instead you should project the fact that you are a man; a sexual being.

This is confidence. Acknowledging you are a man and she is a woman and you want to tear her panties her off and smash her pussy. This will give you all the confidence you need.

Aloofness, frame, not being affected to be her feminine emotions (or appearing to be) are all part of being a man.

Sexuality can be conveyed by good looks, muscles, how you dress, your swagger, your gaze; your very essence.

This also explains the difference in game between good looking guys (Roissy, Assanova and Roosh etc) who project sexuality by look alone and thus can rely on aloofnesssince women already view them as sexual beings.

For short, ugly, balding men (such as xsplat) you need to be more up front, to throw your sexuality in their face so they can see you have a dick unlike the rest of the bland beta mass. Here passion isntead of aloofness is the key. This is where the writer, artist, dreamer, hippy and so on make their stand.

Even metrosexuals/gays possess more sexuality than you beta. They show they are sexual beings by wearing women’s clothes, talking with a lisp and parading around like they were arse fucked. And they get more tail than you or any sexless beta. They may be acting sexually like a woman, but they are still showing they are a sexual being. Women will choose a sexual being, of any type, over your androgynous herbly ass any day.

In short you have to see yourself as a sexual being and act as such – the rest will follow.


2. Take women as they are, not how how you want them to be!

We are a generation of men raised by women, or more correctly, a generation of men raised by Disney, TV, and pop music. We have no understanding of women. We imagine them to be loving, caring idealistic beings because that is what our brains have been conditioned to believe thanks to pop culture.

When you listen to a beta describe his ideal woman, what does he describe? Loyal, caring, loving, demure and so forth.

That is the beta throwing his dreams onto the girl and he becomes jaded when she fails to be something she is not.

Women are sexual, caring, cold, coy, materialistic, outspoken, dirty, submissive, malleable, untrustworthy, irrational and uncontrollably emotional. Had we been raised around real women, instead of fed idealistic Hollywood drivel, had we learned only through our experiencesd with icky girls when we were kids, instead of internalising every mantra our feminist society forced on us; if only we had not grown up in a cloud of mass marketed propoganda.

Your ancestors knew the truth about women. The dumb thugs and ghetto scum know the truth about women. Poor ass third world shit shovellers know the truth about women. They know women, they take them as they are, and they love them despite because of who they are.

You must accept women and love women for what they are. Only then can you treat women as they ought to be treated; desire to be treated.

The essence of game: Men acting as they naturally should and treating women as they naturally should.


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