The Rise of the Manosphere

The US failure is overdue by historical standards. The average age of an empire is approximately 235 years. Glubb, the man who discovered the common duration of empires believed it was due to generational change.* The life of an empire, by the measure of generations, is approximately ten. The end of an empire is a time of decadence, with the same patterns continually recurring.

Glubb calls the markers of an age of decadence

  • Frivolity
  • Pessimism
  • Defensiveness
  • Materialism
  • Loss of Religion
  • Hedonism
  • Welfare
  • And expansive immigration

A cursory glance of Western civilisation shows an abundance of these markers. Immigration is obvious, especially given the recent riots in Australia by muslim immigrants (and two weeks later their Prime Minister is boasting in the UN about how Australia is the most multicultural nation in the world).

Welfare is rapidly expanding in the US, a big hat tip to Justice Roberts for helping it along.

Hedonism is the catchword of Roissy, the unofficial and accidental founder of the manosphere. Gay marriage is going to pass, followed shortly by  marriage proposals for everything humans can rub their genitals against. Caligula had his horse; God knows what modern man will have.

Loss of religion, pessimism, defensiveness and materialism assault our every senses. And frivolity thy name is modern woman.

It is clear that we are in an age of decandence. The decline is in full swing. Moral decay by every measure of those who built this empire.

As the empire declines it is usually conquered in some form by outsiders. These outsiders possess the vigour lost to the apathetic empire. These outsiders can in fact be insiders who have lost faith in the empire.

The barbarians who sacked Rome were from a thriving culture. By Glubb’s measure they were somewhere within the age of pioneers or conquests. Rome defeated herself and this energetic youthful empire picked the carcass.

The Western empire can go two ways. We can continue on the path we have began: Democracy in farce; freedom in name only. Just as the Roman Republic fell and became the Roman Empire, so the US, built as a republic, may give up all pretense of democracy and become the worst totalitarian nightmare the world has already seen. The pieces are already in place:

  • Enhanced state surviellance, everything you do watched, recorded, analysed
  • Militarised police
  • Fiat currency; debt slavery

 A return to rulers and slaves; the Servile State**

The other way the crumbling Western empire can go is for the best of its men to escape the stupidity and return to pick through the ruins of cvilisation and rebuild it again, just as the barbarians did. That was why I called us the new barbarians.

National lines are outdated. Modern empires are based on economics, on debt and trade. The only lines that matter are electronic. The new barbarians are not a nation. It will be men, men possessed of vigor and drive who are loosely connected in attitude, ideals and outlook. The lines that link these men will be electronic; ideas cultivated and passed on across the internet.

The manosphere sprang from the PU industry, a pinnacle of hedonism, yet in the time I have been reading it we have moved from mere hedonism to embrace self development and improvement in every aspect. The shift is on becoming whole, becoming pioneers and conquerors.***

We may be the builders of a new civilisation, if we can escape the clutches of the coming Servile State.


*Required reading: Sir John “Pasha” Glubb, The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival

** The Servile State was a theory of where the modern world was heading. Originally proposed exactly 100 years ago, it is eerily prescient. I intend to cover this in a series of upcoming posts

***It is also worth noting that on the fringes of the manosphere lurks the orthosphere; the revivial of religion. 



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