On Anger: A Response

A response to these two posts (and others of a similar vein):



The red pill is bitter to swallow. Everything you have been raised to believe is a lie. The very foundations of your life are pulled from under you. You look back on how naive and pathetic you were and it revolts your very soul.

The anger, for most, usually gives way. It is harnessed and used for self improvement, to show the world that you are better than they think you are. Eventually the anger dissipates, but momentum gained along the road of self improvement is enough to keep propelling you along.

Eventually you reach a point where you cannot ever imagine being the man you were. You literally can no longer empathize with such an individual. You cannot understand how they can be so clueless, so hopeless, so nauseating.

Many look at the young men of today and see nothing but angry, listless boys. I look at the young men of today and see the men who will become great, who will ride the crest of their anger to untold heights and who will leave their mark on history.

4 thoughts on “On Anger: A Response

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