Spoiled cider and brewing spirits


Alkibiades seems to be very agitated by yet another female high school teacher fucking the young boys under her tutelage. Yet no one really gives a damn.

I venture to hypothesize that the corollary to the natural order of older men pairing with younger women is younger men cutting their teeth on older women. Hence, this is a return to the natural order.

Regardless, the reason no one gives a damn how many female high school teachers fuck high school boys is that no one is jealous. Neither high school boys or female high school teachers are in their sexual prime.

When a male teacher fucks the sweet sixteen princess the wrath of shrivelled up crones and emasculated betas descends in a rain of neutered whine. Sixteen year old girls are just entering their sexual prime; their hottest years. So too men hitting their thirties are just entering their sexual prime.

The instinctive rage shared by over the hill women and sackless herbs is but the manifestation of jealous, hatred born out of the fear of inadequacy.

No one cares about the female high school teacher who has hit, or is about to hit, the wall. And no one gives a damn about developing young men yet to hit their peak.

6 thoughts on “Spoiled cider and brewing spirits

  1. Will S.

    My difficulty is this: I don’t like the young women who abuse their authority to take advantage of young guys under their charge; however, I also have difficulty seeing those guys as victims, precisely because if an attractive female teacher had taken an interest in me, I’d have been flattered, not feeling victimized.

    Regardless, though, for abusing their authority, those women need to be punished.

    1. Tom White Post author

      I remember teachers I really wanted to have sex with, I think every high school boy has such fond memories. Actually, being such a raging teen hornbag I was less discriminating about which teachers I would have slept with back then, compared to today. Maybe teenage boys, being walking libidos would have been banging older women simply because they were less choosy and more horny, every day a combination of beer goggles and a dry spell

    1. Tom White Post author

      That means a lot coming from you, since it was your post about gaming older women that helped clarify my thoughts on this topic enough to form a post.

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