Not all people are bastards

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that all people are different breeds of mongrel. The world is going to hell, everywhere you turn stories of bastards being bastards make headluines.The manosphere is not immune, there are countless posts on what bitches women are and the assholes men are.

The view that people are bastards is constantly reinforced because those who run the world and almost always have run the world and probably almost always will run the world are bastards. It takes a special kind of bastard to go into politics.

Those who crave power over others, who seek notoriety, and love manipulation are often the worst examples of humanity, yet they are often the ones who make history, the 6 0’clock news, and inspire the most blog posts.

People who are content, happy and not completely fucked up are busy living their own lives and they seldom make history or headlines.

Some examples occasionally survive such as Sir Thomas Moore or Nancy Wake.

The tendency to believe bastardry is such a universal trait is due to selective interpretation

Take the Millgram experiments. Despite what you are constantly told not all went along with it. Some people (approximately 35%) had the strength to stand against authority and chose to follow their own conscience. Yet, all you ever hear is how everyone would torture another because someone in power gave the order. Why is the third of participants with the strength to disobey never mentioned?

Or take the bystander effect…a piece of bullshit journalistic sensationalism. Kitty Genovese was murdered in a dark stairwell. She was attacked ber her killer earlier in view of several buildings containing thirty eight witnesses. One witness dialed police, another yelled out at her attacker and scared him off. Police knew the area as a trouble spot thanks to a nearby hotel and ignored the call. Kitty herself continued walking on, one more drunken woman with a jerk boyfriend in an area that sees this stuff every weekend.

An hour later her attacker returned and stabbed her to death in a dark stairwell where no one was watching. Yet some asshole journalist didn’t even bother fact checking and wrote his bullshit piece, creating the myth of the bystander effect. It took over thirty years for someone to do the footwork and uncover the actual truth.

What of the rule of thumn? Proof feminists can’t even take a bad pun even if one of their own makes it. In the uncivilized 18th Century a judge said that back in the uncivilized 15th Century a man could beat his wife with a stick no bigger than his thumb, but he could not find a case backing that up. Still, everyone knew people back then were so uncvilized and everyone beat their wife, just like today everyone knows that back in the uncivilized 18th Century every man beat his wife…wait what?

More examples and istances abound. From every person who helped Jews escape Hitler, to every devout man who refused to renounce God under torture, to every soldier who has shown mercy against orders, to every man and woman who lived a decent, honourable life, their time on this world as feelting as their legend. To every parent who raises their kids well, every person who stands by their word, or fights an unwinnable fight, who does not yield no matter the pressure.

In this time of decay it is more important than ever to remember that not all people are bastards.


4 thoughts on “Not all people are bastards

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  3. jbaee

    Although the facts about the Kitty Genovese case were misrepresented in the media, the bystander effect itself is a real effect which has been experimentally reproduced many times over.

    1. Tom White Post author

      Do you have any links for these experiments? I would be interested in reading the methodology. Its one thing to ignore a drunk sleeping it off in an alley (who turns out to be dead) but it is a different thing to ignore a murder happening.
      Secondly, I am curious as to whether any of these bystander experiments had 100% of people go along with it?
      I am not claiming that we are all good people, merely that as a whole humans are diverse and while most people probably choose to ignore when they should act, some do act, and they are the ones with who I am concerned.


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