Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged


When I envisage men going their own way it is from a broken society and toward a life of their own making. It is not the philosophy of the omega but the philosophy of the adventurer, the builder of civilization, the sigma; of men.

Society is women. It is the tribal women sitting around endlessly chattering while the men get on with hunting, fishing, or farming.

Society is the women’s network

Society is reality TV all TV

Society is celebrity worship

Society is subjective; truth depends on emotion; emotion upon sophistry

Society is social media

Society is other people’s (read women’s) approval

Society is working 50 hours a week to buy your wife a house and car whilst she gets fat (and if you are lucky she divorce rapes you)

Society is fear of pissing off women – you all know they hold the real power in our matriarchy.

If that is society I can turn my back on it and feel I have gained something.

Civilization is men taming the world, themselves and to some extent women (or rather strong men putting mechanisms in place to keep women in line since weak men can’t do it themselves).

Civilization is where ever a man starts shaping the world to his benefit. Civilization is repeatedly destroyed by parasites and yet it survives in the great works of history, in the great men standing in the face of history and daring to be more than an animal, and in every man today who is willing to build his dream.

Where ever I go, whatever adventures I find, challenges I face, people I meet, I know that the seed of civilization is contained in my soul, in my ability to shape the world as I see it, in my willingness to believe that life is something you decide.

3 thoughts on “Most of these people are not ready to be unplugged

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