Her price is far above rubies

WARNING: The following is NSFW, true as best I can remember it, and disgusting.

It was around 2 in the morning, an unseasonally hot night. Patrons crammed into the establishment, sweaty bodies lubricating the gutteral atmosphere of raw sexuality and suppressed violence. Human nature at its most animal. Pretentious music, gaudy outfits, over priced drinks.
I was due for my break. She was short, almost pixie like, wearing a simple white dress with a brown belt. Blond hair tucked behind elfin ears. A slight dusting of freckles on her nose. Not a tattoo in sight. Only her ears pierced.
Whenever there had been a lull at the bar she had sought me out for a quick chat, shouted over the annoying background hip hop. Snippets I can still recall. She was single. It was her first time at this club. Dragged in her new friends. She had just started studying to be a kindergarten teacher. Barely eighteen. She looked so lost, helpess, and young; so feminine, amongst this sea of drunken carnality.
I caught her eye. My eyes flicked to the clock then back to hers. A hand clapped down on my shoulder and spun me around. My housemate, one of the bouncers and the man who found me this job. Like so many in this place he didn’t belong. The most sensitive eyes, the eyes of an artist. In another lifetime he would be a philosopher or a poet. In this life he is just another man without a future.
“Here’s the key for the office Tom.” He yelled in my ear, slipping something into my hand, “Blondie has been waiting for you to fuck her all night.”
I looked over at the diminutive damsel sipping her drink self consciously and staring at her drunken friend grinding against a chisel jawed jock.
“Are you sure? She looks so innocent.”
“Tom when are you going to learn. Trust me mate. Do it for America.”
I looked over at her little lithe form once more. The clock was close enough for my break, so far as I cared for this job.
As I walked towards blondie, trying to imagine what she looked like beneath that demure dress, she turned and her eyes caught mine. She seized my hand, lust in her eyes.
I led her out of the main bar and through the hall. It was quieter here, enough to attempt a genuine conversation yet I had no words. No words were needed.
The office was up the stairs at the far end, beyond the VIP floor. A tug on my hand. I looked back and she was slipping into the disabled toilet, pulling me with her. I tried dragging her out but she was insistent and sex was sex where ever it happened.
Shrugging, I entered the toielt and found her sliding her panties down. SHe threw herself at me and I stumbled backwards from surprise as she shoved her tongue down my throat. Her hands worked furiously at my belt buckle.
Something was wrong. I knew it then. A nagging feeling that I ingored. I reached behind me and locked the door as her hands played with my erection. I felt the irritating texture of a condom.
She moved backwards and turned around, bending over the toilet bowl and grabbing the rim for support, presenting herself to me.
“Now.” She gasped, her voice a plea.
The stench. That was what was wrong. It reeked in here. The smell of feces, urine, vomit, stale alcohol, second hand smoke, vomit. I looked at her shaved pussy, moist, begging beneath her firm ass.
I went balls deep. She squealed, arching her back. I thrust again and she stuck her head in the toilet. I nearly puked. Passion raging through my veins, still hard, I pulled out and backed away, pulling my pants up and fumbling with the door lock.
She turned her dripping head t me, staring at me with tender, hurt eyes. She looked like she was about to cry. Her mascara had started to run.
A good girl. On her way to becoming a school teacher. Someone’s daughter, sister, maybe a wife and mother in the future and her fetish was scat.
I saw her again a few days ago. She was walking down the street with a proud peacock of a beta on her arm. He was grinning widely, showing off his beautiful prize. Did he know her secret turn on? Did he enjoy that sort of thing? Did he only go along with it because at least he got to have sex with a girl beyond his league? Was that a side of her that she kept bottled up, unleashed only by alcohol?

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” — Proverbs 31:10


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