May you find what you are looking for

I asked what do I do and I still don’t have an exact answer. I am no prophet. I am not certain of the future, all I can do is extrapolate based on what I see around me. And what I see around me leads to me to believe the future is going to be a time of trial, uncertainty, harsh decisions and tough living, especially for the unprepared.

Our current society is very feminine. The future may be very masculine.

The US is now the Roman republic facing a crucial moment in history. It shall either become the next Roman empire, thus destroying the last remnants of the basis upon which the US was founded and wiping away the ever dying illusion of any power residing with the people, or it shall collapse due mostly to its own inertia and corruptedness.

When the Roman republic became the Roman empire it was due to fall but with any outside pressure Roman power was solidified into the greatest tyranny the world had ever known and would ever know up until the 20th Century.

The US appears to face outside pressure. The rise of Asia, the islamists inside the walls, bankers looting anything they can get their slimy fingers on.

Is Asia a paper tiger? Demographically they are in for a rough ride. Will Islam be defeated by feminism (tempt the women to unleash their hypergamic hamsters and no force can stop them). With the best and brightest of the West fleeing for new horizons, or contemplating it, will the US be undone by those it betrayed?

Our current war is economic though violence forever hovers at the fringes. When the guns and tanks of this modern cold war are nothing but ones and zeroes on banking computers controlled by a privileged few working behind the scenes, who can predict the outcome?

Prophets as I said, are hated. Truth tellers aren’t liked much better since the future is decided in the present and thus is an indictment of the present and the actions of those in the present.

[As an aside, forecasting the future effects the future. People react to a forecast of the future and take action based on that forecast, sometimes leading to a self fulfilling prophecy. The electability of Ron Paul is one such self fulfilling prophecy. Everyone says Ron Paul can’t win so you shouldn’t waste your time voting for him. If everyone acts on that forecast then of course he won’t win.

Similarly, if an economist predicts the economic will collapse and people follow his forecast and start hoarding money and making runs on the bank then stagnation followed by collapse is a possible outcome.

Who makes these predictions? Are they aware of the effect they have (cause following from predicted effect)? So, are these people really forecasting the future or are they trying to shape it? To what end?]

Nobody wants to hear doom and gloom, so don’t spread it unnecessarily.

Instead time to focus on the question of what is to be done?

Or rather, what do I do?

One thing must be readily stated: What matters is the individual and individual actions. Causes, ideologies, governments and so on are straws to grasp for those who are lost and without a strong sense of self.

Civilisation ought to suit humanity. Instead humanity is continually bent and broken to fit an unnatural civilisation. The effects of it are everywhere.

That dull look in people’s eyes, coping mechanisms: alcoholism, obesity, TV; depression and suicide; sex as the only time people feel human, or connect, or feel alive only at the point of orgasm. Alarm clocks, chronic lack of sleep, lack of exercise, burn out, lack of vigour, lack of life.

Always in shaping society the individual is lost. Any solution cannot be a top down approach. There is no such thing as a perfect society. One man’s utopia is another man’s hell. Do you imagine someone can plan the perfect life for you? Can you plan the perfect life  for another person? Imagine trying to do that 1 million times over, knowing that somewhere someone’s perfect life must be curtailed for another. How do you decide who takes precedence? How do you even compare, contrast and weigh happiness or preferences?

If the twentieth century has any legacy it is that planned societies do not work. The only approach is bottom up; individual action.

The best way to convince another person is through prolonged examples. Time, after all, is makes more converts than reason, especially when we live in an age of sophistry and emotion.

The action that can be taken is thus apparent; live your own life well. You owe that much to yourself.

Whatever your goal in life, there is one action you can take for others. Live your life so as to make them discontent with their own. That discontendness leads one to question their life and, if they have the strength, to change their life for the better. The more people who swallow the red pill and rebuild their lives to suit themselves instead of our dysfunctional matriarchy the better the future of prospects of the rest of society.

The pick up artist who leaves a legacy of broken hearts also leaves a plethora of clueless and jealous betas wondering how to be that man. The first step to being that man is to swallow a little of the red pill. For some, that is as far as it goes. For others, the truth of women’s base nature is only the beginning.

Being a player, three things matter. Health, wealth and freedom. The secret to good health is to escape the corporate feedlot and eat natural foods. Paleo is better. To do this, support your local farms. A small price to pay to be that old man banging sluts half his age while your contemporaries keel over with heart attacks in their wheel chairs.

The truth of wealth is that being an employee without your own source of independent income makes you a proletariat slave. If you have nothing to sell but your labor (no matter how good your suit) you are ultimately trapped.

And freedom is obvious. The more the government expands and attempts to limit your lifestyle the more you become, by necessity, wedded to the downfall of this matriarchal monstrosity.

[I am not talking about the feel good raising awareness of pink ribbons, status whoring bracelets or shitty Bono concerts but instead the raising of red pill truths, often subtly. A player’s very existence leads to the red pill. Game seems to the biggest precursor to the red pill.]

For the man who wants his own family, you have chosen the hardest path. So time to man up and grow a pair. You need the strength to turn your back on everything. You need the strength to trawl your way through pussy to find one worth mothering your children, and then you need the strength to devote your life to leading her and keeping her and making sure your family prospers.

Forget whatever old fashioned notions you were raised with. You need game. Hard core game. You need to know every single day that women are reflective and followers by nature. You need to shoulder the responsiblity that whatever happens may not be your fault but it is up to you to damn well fix it. So everyday you need to lead your woman and your family and keep the claws of the matriarchy out of them.

You also need economic freedom. If you want a family you need to provide what matters most. Time with their parents, a home education, a childhood worth having, and a sense of security. Move to wherever you think the best place to have kids would be. Smaller towns, crime free, where you can devote time, attention, and resources to raising the little monsters into passable human beings.

You need to be economically strong. The more sources of income you have, the better. The less you are tangled up with the system the better. Recognise that the secret is to accumulate wealth (which is more than currency) within the family unit.

To do this you need a woman who shares your values and vision. By the time you have accumulated the sort of wealth even needed to start a family you will probably be thirty or older. The importance of game here is paramount because your wife ought to be in her early to mid 20s, at the peak of her fertility. Don’t marry aging carousel dizzy cougars if you want the best shot at having healthy kids let alone having them raised well.

Essentially the future has three likely outcomes. Increased control, violent collapse or a peaceful collapse that is a return to a more distributivist society. The first two are more likely and the choice between them comes down to how suicidally greedy the government is and how complacent the people are.

A peaceful collapse, or rather, peaceful restructuring of society is possible. It can only happen through a bottom up approach, through men and women who want a future (i.e kids) becoming economically independent of the state, through a return to a redistribution of the bottlenecks of wealth more evenly amongst people.

This trend has began with homesteading and is why the government has declared such people domestic terrorists, began gun drawn raids on raw milk sellers, and is introducing agenda 21 legislation to control what people can do with their own land. This is why the government outlaws private (competing) currencies. MGTOW, frugality, location independence, the growing trend of entrepreneurship among the young are all part of this

The means of production more evenly distributed among the majority would lead to a freer market, one that does not need a government or corporate middle man. Communication advances mean buyer and seller can now negotiate without the interference of monopolies, whether they are global corporations or governments.

The less dependent any individual is on the Corporatist State monopoly the more of a threat that individual is.

The faceless peon who works a soul killing job to accumulate constantly devalued currency to spend on distractions from their empty lives, their only personal relationships full of resentment, gulping down mass manufactured garbage leading to chronic problems that need to be managed by cookie cutter healthcare that keeps your miserable existence going. The perfect citizen. The perfect consumer. Your life if you refuse to accept the red pill.

A return, in short, to a more distributivist, or free market economy is to starve the beast.

In a distributivist economy, where the free market was at its strongest and freest, wealth was accumulated among families. Families could mean extended families who had an economy of favors. Favors can’t be taxed and their valuation is not arbitrarily decided by how much bankers decide to inflate the currency but by what those involved feel is a good turn.

This cannot be regulated, organised or set up. It has to come about spontaneously, agreements reached between individuals. Value determined by each party at the point agreement is reached.

Families accumulated wealth for the future; for their kids. Demographics matter. Before the rise of Corporatism families raised kids, not daycare, schools or the government. Kids learned that reliance and trust went with blood, friendship and honour. Relationships that created bonds threatening to the Corporatist State and thus were undermined.

Demographically its these kids, the next generation of home schooled red pill kids, who will reap the benefits of our benevolence our suffer our short sightedness.

I see an undercurrent of pent up anger, of desperation waiting for a spark. We are in a calm before the storm. Everyone senses something is wrong but no one dare name it publicly. Everybody is trying to raise awareness because no one dare take action. To take action is to open yourself up to vulnerability, to being a target, a worse to finding no one stands with you. We are a spark away from a revolution but who wants to be that spark?

It’s a prisoner’s dilemma situation. The alternative is to withdraw. You don’t need to destroy this sick society. You only need to realise that you, and people like you, are what holds this sick society up. Through your actions you tacitly support the beast which is raping you and pillaging your future.

Choosing to turn your back on all this and getting others to do the same will just as effectively bring it all crumbling down. Why stand in front of tanks when you can convince all the tank mechanics to let them fall to bits?

As you age your goals in life change. Right now I am young man and I want to enjoy life. One day my goals my change. Always better to keep your options as open as you can.

Finally I can answer, what do I do? Or rather, what am I doing?

My goal is currently pursuing my passion with short term gratification on the side.

I am reducing the hold the system has on me, reducing my dependence upon the state and upon major corporations.

I am also trying to incorporate basic diligence about security and anonymity into my routine. One day I may come to the attention of the authorities or be wanted for some trumped up crime (maybe I forgot to take some ONS to breakfast) and if that day comes I will be more prepared than not. I have seen people falsely convicted. No thanks.

I do not eat the feedlot swill and I protect my health as best I can.

I do not partake of a soul killing job for a paycheck to blow on escapist entertainment so I can forget my daily drudgery for a moment.

I spend time pursuing my passion, which I neglected for a long time to try and walk the blue pill path, struggling against my soul the whole time.

I am relearning game and I am devoting my life to myself.

I am constantly trying to improve myself.

I have not ruled out a family or future some day so I keep my options open.

I keep aware of what is going on lest I awake one day to find myself trapped within a police state.

I live my life is an example to others. In person I rarely mention red pill truths unless asked. Every person who asks my advice though is subtly introduced to red pill thinking.

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