What do you get of the manosphere?

Interesting things are happening around the manosphere

Mojo has declared he is closing his blog. He feels he has lost his zest; outgrown the persona of Mojo; outgrown the passion that drove him into blogging. This seems to be a natural progression within the manosphere; or rather a natural progression that predates the manosphere.

The best manosphere blogs are those wrote entirely for the author; for the author to sort out his thoughts – teaching others shows we truly understand what we have learned. Mojo warns that without action we cannot truly claim to have achieved anything. We understand, and yet, we do not understand. Welcome to the world of keyboard jockeying.

A long time ago I was a clueless omega and I needed help. I found a now defunct (I hope) internet forum. Amongst the incessant shit I found pearls of wisdom; I found game for the first time. It changed my life. I spent a lot of time writing long winded posts and arguing with posters I didn’t know, or want know, over topics I didn’t really care about. I was going through the hardest transition of my life, unlearning and relearning so many things. So much red pill truth that the only way I could cope was to write post after post, essay after essay. I became a guide to newbies. At the same time I started putting into practice what I preached. Eventually I moved on from that forum and to other things.

The first time I hit rock bottom looked that forum back up. The same people stuck in the same ruts. Endless KJing, endless debate and no one had changed. Thankfully I found Roissy. I spent time in his comments arguing over trivialities and trying to call others out for their betatude. I didn’t comment much and I left after a while; real life beckoned.

The second time I hit rock bottom I returned to Roissy for a refresher of game and some inspiration. His comment thread was now a monstrosity of KJing and paper alphas trying to one up each other. Luckily the manosphere was in its prime; its scope encompassing everything a man needed to improve himself and reach new heights. I rarely commented much. I knew most of it already, I just wanted reminding.

I have been in and out of the manosphere since that time and I see something which disgusts me, a rise of KJ alphas arguing endlessly over theory. Hiding out online, trying to perfect technique with years of their life passing, the world changing, they remaining static. A week of real life practice is worth more than a year of theory.

Game is learned in the field just as muscle building is learned in the gym and so it is with all aspects of self improvement.

A year from now will you still be reading, looking for the perfect approach, or blogging away about bitches and whores are ruining the world or will you be taking action…the question is, whether you are a lurker, commenter or blogger, what do you get out of the manosphere?

Tomorrow I will say what I get out of it.


5 thoughts on “What do you get of the manosphere?

    1. Tom White Post author

      Good point.

      “It can start to ensnare you even if you are not a direct victim of the bad things about which you write”

      that is something I have fell into the trap of years ago, particularly with regard to politics, MRA etc.

      1. Tom White Post author

        Thats a good analogy and I will have to remember. Anger was certainly the only tool I had when I first started turning my life around. Were I not so angry at the world, women, and one girl in particular I might never have found the determination to keep turning my life around. Still, I am glad I am not that person anymore.

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