Always back up your files! Recently my laptop was stolen. I was of the mind that I could always back up my files tomorrow. Tomorrow turned into three months and a lot of lost work. It always helps to remember that what matters most is how hard of a hit you can take and still go on.

This was a big hit. Thankfully not all my work was lost. 

I would like to claim that this is a disaster that rivals Hemmingway’s lost suitcase of manuscripts and that the great, defining novel of the early twenty first century, the Age of Hedonism, was lost but I think that is over reaching. 

I have the spent the past few months working on several novels (and letting the blog languish by the wayside) and some of these were partly lost. 

One of the novels I was working on was to be the journey of a modern male from the an omega loser through to an alpha. It was to be in part my story, but also the story of many others; the story of modern manhood.

Most of the first draft of this novel still remains in printed form peppered with corrections and coffee stains. It is, thankfully, short because I hate retyping something. Typing up the second draft was a slow hell. 

Frankly, I was bored of the project anyway. It sprang out of this post and I kept with it for the sake of finishing what I started. Now I have no intention of spending my time retyping upwards of sixty thousand words when I have other projects I want to work on. 

Instead I am going to put the novel up here, for free, chapter by torturous chapter. Between now and next week I will put up the prologue. I should put up a chapter a week without it getting in the way of my other projects. 

I put this up here with three requests of decreasing importance:

1. Feel free to spread the prologue and first chapter far and wide across the web . The more I am read the better. Being read matters more to me than anything else. You must provide a link back to the original piece and acknowldgment of my authorship.

2. Give me honest feedback. Be cruel or be kind but above all be honest.

3. Pay me what you think it is worth, if you think it is worth anything.
If you cannot afford to do that then pay me what you can. Hopes and dreams don’t pay the bills. If I make even a dollar off this I will consider it a success.

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