A few Thoughts From Around the Manosphere

A few Random Thoughts from The Manosphere and Beyond.

1. Low carb flu is likely Candida die off. I’m sure I’m not the first to think of it.


 2. Neanderthal will be the new aspergers. Everyone who doesn’t fit in and thinks themselves special will claim to have Neanderthal genes.


3. The Manosphere is the new Rennaissance. Expect to see a resurgence in studying the classics. GB4M is a prophet of the manosphere. The Rennaissance began in what we call the Dark Ages with the discovery of the classic Greek texts. The rediscovery (or rather re-infatuation with) the Great texts of Western civilization will lead to a resurgence of great thought. It has already began. 


 4.A comment from Donal Graeme’s blog reminded me of this comment from Pook:

 “If only there was a third gender to referee! Perhaps that what the elderly did, as they became more androgynous, with their courtships, rituals and bundling.” (The Book of Pook, p.253)

I am of the opinion that the ideal marriage between a man and woman is one where the man is at least ten years older. This way both parties hit their SMV peak concurrently. I believe that old widowed women used to play the role of the third sex as referee. Their role being to support mothers and keep the men from being balls out stupid (because what man isn’t nice to their grandmother). I have it on passing authority that Australian Aborigines show great respect for grandmothers and I’m sure there is other evidence to be found for those who care to look. I don’t.


5. Following from the above young men were probably supposed to fool around with older widows until they came of marriageable age. This gives them plenty of time to get some experience dealing with women and allows for young women to be virgins at the time of marriage. Women value a man with experience (feminist harpies jealous bitching aside) and men value virgins. It seems like a fitting match.







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