Zimmerman: It ain’t over yet

This fiasco is the gift that keeps on giving. George has been found not guilty and the American Press and people have moved on. The MSM is steadfastedly ignoring the racist motivations behind the murder of Australian Christopher Lane* and is now in full damage control mode and trying to spin the complete opposite narrative as they did in the Zimmerman case. Very few are aware that the tyrannical crusade against the Zimmermans is not over.

Shellie Zimmerman, wife of George, has been charged with perjury and is awaiting trial. Not content with blatant prosecutorial over reach to the point she made herself look like a Clown, Corey is determined to prove that the justice system is a farce.

It seems Shellie Zimmerman was charged for the purposes of cowering George into an admission of guilt. Over charging has long been an intimidation tactic of prosecutors and now it seems they go after your kin as well. How long until they skip charging them and simply declare that unless you plead guilty they’ll ‘disappear’ USSR style.

The prudent, and face saving tactic, would be for Corey et al to drop the charges and stop digging. Instead they seemed determined to have their own grave collapse on top of them. Since they can’t nail George for a trumped up crime they might as well get his wife for a trumped up crime.

Her crime, per the affidavit:

– Not knowing the exact amount in the online defence fund that was not set up by her and not managed by her.

– Having the gall to suggest that they call her brother in law and ask.


I urge all the manosphere (or the whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-us-sphere) to keep an eye on this trial as it unfolds. Legal Insurrection,** a website run by Libertarian leaning lawyers, is following this trial. They provide legal analysis and transcripts. The only way the thugs who inhabit public office get away with this is by our own ignorance. I urge you all to let people know that Corey and the prosecutor’s office are seeking revenge against Shellie Zimmerman because her husband had the audacity to his WHAT right to a free trial and be found not guilty; to have justice done instead of the will of the powerful.

Any of us could be next.***

Legal Insurrection

Shelly Zimmerman post 3

Shelly Zimmerman post 2

Shelly Zimmerman post 1


* Whereas in Australia I had the shock to open the yellowest paper in the Southern Hemisphere and find a massive two page spread talking about the possible racist motivations of the murder, accurate pictures of all of all suspects, one of whom could definitely be the son of White African American Barack Obama (the other two are blacker) and general indignation.

** They had videos of the Zimmerman trial, live twitter updates and play by play legal analyses. They were the best source for an accurate coverage of the trial that I found.

*** Even though I am not in the US and have been overseas for almost a year I have no illusions as to my safety. Julian Assange was not even an American citizen and he is still the most wanted man in the world by the US government (who cannot establish credible charges against him).



P.S. I am convinced that rogue Rhodes Scholar Rachel Jeantel committed perjury. I believe she was not the person on the end of the phone. Likely it was some other girl (maybe her sister) who didn’t want to come forward; I would go as far as to suggest she was underage and either Travyon had banged her or wanted to. She may have been the girl whose naked photo’s Travyon had on his phone. A seventeen year old fucking a fifteen year old is not wrong in my books though it is a crime per Florida’s books and would have made Saint Travyon look bad.

2 thoughts on “Zimmerman: It ain’t over yet

  1. Anon

    They are never going to let this guy rest. They will go after him with anything and everything until they can put him in jail for some trumphed up charge. This case, and others, is why I have nothing to do with cops and generally, unless there is a completely uninterested witness to a case, I have “serious doubts as to the vericity of the officers” or the “description of events” they cite.

    Jury nullification is the only hope for this country to avoid tyranny – but I don’t expect it to work for long. Too many cops killing too many innocent people for it not to come to serious bloodshed. Like they say – keep your powder dry – you’ll need it.


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