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Time Flies

Its just over my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I created this blog with the intention of keeping myself consistent with my writing. It didn’t happen. This is the first time I’ve logged on in over a month. I haven’t posted for months. I outgrew this blog ages ago. I also outgrew my main project, which was a semi autobiographical novel about the malaise of modern manhood (read the prologue here).

I wanted to see whether I could finally stick to something and finish it. A year later and my perspective has changed. The Autobuiography of a Modern Male was torturous to write and it served more as a conduit to get some unresolved issues onto paper then as an aspiring literary masterpiece. I am procrastinating about finishing it and this is effecting everything else I want to do. I have almost an entire novel sitting around doing nothing and I cannot bing myself to scrap it even though I cannot bring myself to finish it.

Instead I plan to edit it (a bit) and put it up here for free. I ask that you pay me what you feel it is worth and spread it as much as you can. It is raw, it is passionate, it is based in truth (in places word for word as best I can recall). I should have it up by next week.

If The Autobiography of a Modern Male meets with enough interest and positive feedback I will finish it properly and stick it on Amazon for $2.99.

I don’t intend to update this blog regularly (or at all). This blog, like many others who have come and gone within the manosphere, is but a reflection where the writer is really talking to himself. This blog was really the penultimate conglomerate of a world view shaped slowly over the course of four years as I adapted to red pill reality. I have now reached the point where I no longer need to convince myself and thus find I have no passion to drive my on. I could do as many other blogs do and make periodic and mundane posts just to sustain a readership but I find the thought of pursuing such mediocrity more than I can handle.

The Future is Here

I called it! In a comment here at Vox Popoli I claimed that it may be possible would be used to print guns. Yesterday Bill posted a video showing that it has already happened. When I made that comment on VP I didn’t expect to see 3D printed guns for at least a few years. The world is changing so fast that what seems like science fiction is increasingly becoming mundane.

The full implications of 3D printing have yet to be realized. This is a disruptive technology on par with the original printing press, fire, guns and the factory. Printing guns is only the start. Whilst current 3D printing technology may be beyond the capacity for understanding for most people (myself included) what we have today will be, from a historical perspective, the equivalent of the first revolver.

3D printing will change life and economics permanently. With the ability to manufacture crap much easier (and eventually cheaper) than some third world slave it will undermine many countries whose economy is based on manufacturing cheap shit for America’s uncontrollable consumption. Nothing says that China does not already have an army of 3D printers flooding the market with cheap crap (or building firearms already). The Chinese may not be great innovators but they are second to none at reverse engineering

The idea and mindset behind 3D printing will cause us to look at others way of approaching problems at an everyday level. Imagine a 3D printer for cooking. Add all the ingredients and the thing spits out a cake or a meal. All you have to do is keep the various dispensers topped up. Hell, some innovative basement dwelling Japanese herbivore is probably building a 3D printer capable of manufacturing sex bots.

Whilst you think sexbots the government will probably be thinking more along the lines of this:

As with any game changing technology it promises freedom. Freedom frightens totalitarians. Expect governments to try to control the distribution of 3D printing (will fail) and then they will force manufacturers to start installing reporting technology in all printers they sell, so the gov can see what you are printing. At the other end the government will be monitoring everything that is downloaded and printed off. Since all your internet history is already recorded its unavoidable.

The next great battle for freedom will be evading the eyes of and tendrils of big brother. Hackers who can get around the printer limitations and monitoring will be the freedom fighters of the future. By the way, government infiltrates hacker groups, so be leery of who you ask for advice. Anonymous is run by government shills, hence its toothlessness.

The other ramification will be the change in jobs. With less need for manufacturing more people will be forced into the service sector. With less laboring positions we should have less need for illegals. Hank who used to work in manufacturing can now mow lawns and Jose isn’t really needed but don’t expect anyone in government to point that out soon.

Obvious displays of wealth will be less used since wealth will be cheaper and more easily obtained. Instead, expect people to focus on showing off their status through thrill seeking, gathering experiences, travelling, and consuming non renewable resources such as food, alcohol etc.

Non renewable resources and raw materials will see a huge boost in their relative value, at least at first. Eventually recycling used materials for 3D printing will be a huge industry. In the distant future (which, given the unforeseeable advance of technology means it could actually be very soon) 3D printers may themselves be able to break down components and recycle them into new things. To us that sounds like science fiction but then again how many years ago would 3D printing itself have seemed like distant science fiction.

To continue on the theme of fiction, Vox once made a comment that modern sci-fi writers suck because they cannot understand modern technology. A prescient comment and one that will become increasingly obvious as technology continues to become more and more intricate and closer to magic from the perspective of the layman. True Science fiction will slowly die, given way to fantasy set in space (assuming it is not already dead).

Finally to throw in some “emotional pornography”, aka conspiracy theories, aka speculation: The government knew that 3D printing would soon give way to manufacturing firearms so DHS bought up all that ammo to make those guns useless since 3D printers can’t do ammo, yet.

And wait until 3D printers can print 3D printers…

What do you get of the manosphere?

Interesting things are happening around the manosphere

Mojo has declared he is closing his blog. He feels he has lost his zest; outgrown the persona of Mojo; outgrown the passion that drove him into blogging. This seems to be a natural progression within the manosphere; or rather a natural progression that predates the manosphere.

The best manosphere blogs are those wrote entirely for the author; for the author to sort out his thoughts – teaching others shows we truly understand what we have learned. Mojo warns that without action we cannot truly claim to have achieved anything. We understand, and yet, we do not understand. Welcome to the world of keyboard jockeying.

A long time ago I was a clueless omega and I needed help. I found a now defunct (I hope) internet forum. Amongst the incessant shit I found pearls of wisdom; I found game for the first time. It changed my life. I spent a lot of time writing long winded posts and arguing with posters I didn’t know, or want know, over topics I didn’t really care about. I was going through the hardest transition of my life, unlearning and relearning so many things. So much red pill truth that the only way I could cope was to write post after post, essay after essay. I became a guide to newbies. At the same time I started putting into practice what I preached. Eventually I moved on from that forum and to other things.

The first time I hit rock bottom looked that forum back up. The same people stuck in the same ruts. Endless KJing, endless debate and no one had changed. Thankfully I found Roissy. I spent time in his comments arguing over trivialities and trying to call others out for their betatude. I didn’t comment much and I left after a while; real life beckoned.

The second time I hit rock bottom I returned to Roissy for a refresher of game and some inspiration. His comment thread was now a monstrosity of KJing and paper alphas trying to one up each other. Luckily the manosphere was in its prime; its scope encompassing everything a man needed to improve himself and reach new heights. I rarely commented much. I knew most of it already, I just wanted reminding.

I have been in and out of the manosphere since that time and I see something which disgusts me, a rise of KJ alphas arguing endlessly over theory. Hiding out online, trying to perfect technique with years of their life passing, the world changing, they remaining static. A week of real life practice is worth more than a year of theory.

Game is learned in the field just as muscle building is learned in the gym and so it is with all aspects of self improvement.

A year from now will you still be reading, looking for the perfect approach, or blogging away about bitches and whores are ruining the world or will you be taking action…the question is, whether you are a lurker, commenter or blogger, what do you get out of the manosphere?

Tomorrow I will say what I get out of it.