How To Get Back On the Horse

The reason you are supposed to get back on the horse straight after you fall off is because, over time, the memory of the fall becomes a looming fear that over rides everything. The battle is mental. I have never rode a horse and on my list of things to do it ranks somewhere along with sleeping with Sarah Jessica Parker…so below contracting ebola.

If you’ve turned your life around before then you can do it again. And each time you do it, it becomes easier. Just like in martial arts when you’re taught how to break fall, in life you have to learn how to deal with failure.

What keeps a lot of people down, I am convinced, is burn out. The build up of unrelieved stress gets to them. Adrenal failure or whatever. Soldiers go on R and R and so should so. Whether it is spending a month living like a king SE Asia, chucking a mini Howard Hughes and locking yourself away to watch movie or movie or a tv show marathon, or retreating to sleep on your parents couch…you need to de-stress.

Then you need some inspiration. For some its the words of great men recorded by posterity, for others its meeting with inspiring people, for yet others its fictional characters…Stories hold a great sway of the human psyche. A few days ago I had no motivation and I was wasting my life watching crappy tv. And then I watched fight club and I felt some fire.

Two mornings later I did my usual reading of the manosphere and posts and my muse was back. Inspiration. Posts I wanted to write. Stories and novels to be done.

You have to find a starting point. For me that starting point has always been physical. When I had no motivation to do anything I forced myself to do one thing…to work out. I went to the gym and I regained muscle I had lost.

The whole Cartesian mind body dualism is bullshit. Your mind is not some separate entity. It is inside you and is affected by your physical health. Working out makes you feel better, makes you motivated. The better you feel physically, the better you feel mentally. There is more. The more muscle you put on the more positive attention you get from women without even opening your mouth.

Men and women are today at war. A war created to destroy both of them. Men need women and women need men. This coincidently, is another step of getting back on the horse. I haven’t approached a woman in too long. My social skills and my game have atrophied. Luckily, they have muscle memory of their own.

Striking up conversations with randoms on the street, saying hi to girls to get my social skills running again. And then time to ask out a hundred women as quick as possible.

My habits and self discipline have fallen by the wayside. I began have cold showers recently. Going to the gym was the start of my discipline and this is the second part.

Cleaning up my diet follows. This is another benefit of working out – you want to ditch the crap foods and eat better. No more take away, cut back on sugar in all its forms, return to a more paleo basis. Reduce alcohol, eliminate dairy and, eventually, ditch coffee.

I need to make new friends, find some hobbies and get a job. MORE

We are in the second great depression and its becoming worse than the first. I am looking for the same jobs I was when I was 18…and there are less of them and more competition. The national productivity is down while immigration is up. Dish washing, ditch digging and data entry are harder to get than ever before.

Prostitution is on the rise. Sugar daddies, stripping and porn are all forms of prostitution. The increase in young women selling sex is a sign of economic collapse. Even so I will prosper. I will find work and in my free time I will again work on building my side businesses.

I have new interests. I have things I want to learn.

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