MGTOW v MRA V Game V Christianospherists v Acronymists…

SFTU with all the labelling. Research has concluded that internet usage breeds aspergy anal retentiveness. Stop trying to categorise, label and pigeonhole everything. That said, this is how I see it all:

MGTOW: Those who are withdrawing from society because they know it’s a bad deal. Some of them are withdrawing from bothering with women too. Those who not are also gamers.

Game: Its game, not game theory (that’s math). Game (capital G) is Roosh et al and it is a lifestyle of chasing pussy. It was pioneered by Ross Jeffries, later Mystery and so on. It looks to be on the decline.

game (little g) is just men learning the truth about women (or as much truth as is necessary, the whole truth of women would drive any man to suicide) and treating women accordingly. It is a tool, not a lifestyle. You can be (insert x here) and game women just as you can be (insert x here) and run marathons without building your entire life and identity around it.

MRA: Men who have been screwed over by society and know women have it better. Women have always had it better and always will. That’s life.

MRAs may have genuine grievances and legitimate and just causes, but frankly, no one gives a damn. Life is not fair. Part of life is that humans are an animal and have animal instincts. In many species weak males stir deep revulsion in females, contempt in formerly weak males and barely a glimmer of sympathy among other weak males, and humans are one of those species.

Women have feminism because they bitch and moan and whine and other women side with them and most mediocre males bend over and take whatever women want them to take for the mere whiff of potential pussy.

Men are expected to be strong, stoic and to get shit done and not whinge about it. Sorry MRAs (and I truly mean this), no matter how righteous your causes, on a visceral level you are doomed to failure.

Alt Right: Basically right wingers (WTF does that even mean in contemporary context?) who distance themselves from mainstream right wingers (who are just reactionaries to leftist nonsense). An incoherent political stance that sometimes wants more government intervention to solve our problems and sometimes less. Indeed, alt right may be best characterized as a reactionary movement to a reactionary movement.

Libertarians: Misnomer. Often nothing more than corporate shills, especially those who support the Libertarian party.

Christian/Orthosphere: Christians who have discovered how PC the Church is. Caught between the truth og the manosphere and whatever the Church says.

The manosphere: The great resurgence of philosophic and modern thought…or rather a loose connection of blogs that link incestuously to each other with no clear boundaries that covers everything from personal development to economic forecasting and includes all the above mentioned categories.

Is there anyone I forget? Is there someone I didn’t piss off? I can remember back before Ferd, when Roissy was just Roissy in DC, before there was a manosphere, which is why I say to stop bickering and take what you need, don’t try to conform to any label and get on with living your life. Arguing over who is in what clique is for high school girls.

N.B. This was wrote as a commentary to Roosh calling out MRAs and the ensuing storm. I forgot I had written this and found it lying on my computer demanding to be posted before it becomes ancient history.

4 thoughts on “MGTOW v MRA V Game V Christianospherists v Acronymists…

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